Library and Scienitific Information

The “Erwin-Schrödinger Center” of the Humboldt University is a large, modern university library integrated with the computer and media centre of the HU and an assembly of its central lecture halls. The main responsibility for operating this centre is with the Humboldt University.

However, the non-university institutes in Adlershof – represented by IGAFA - contribute financially and with additional staff to this facility. The Erwin-Schrödinger Center offers access to a broad selection of relevant scientific journals and monographs to which staff members of the MBI have full access. In co-operation with the HU the IGAFA institutes also subscribe to online access for most of these journals and many additional publications. Access to the most relevant online databases such as Web of Science and Current Contents is also provided.

In view of these excellent library services on site – accessible by internet as well as directly within a 5-minutes walking distance - the MBI runs only a very small in-house library. Here only those journals and books that are most commonly used in the daily work are available. Link to the MBI library - for MBI internal use only.