Research programme

MBI research on light-matter interaction in a variety of systems concentrates on the optically induced nonlinear response and/or the real-time observation and control of fast and ultrafast elementary dynamics. Such studies provide direct access to microscopic interactions and structure underlying the physical properties of atoms, molecules, clusters, plasma, solids, and surfaces. Lasers represent both a subject of research and the essential tool for experimental studies of light-matter interaction. The understanding and exploitation of nonlinear light-matter interaction is also a key theme of this laser research with emphasis on intensities above the relativistic limit on the one hand and to few-cycle pulses in the whole visible and ultraviolet spectral range on the other.

The research projects are focused onto the following topical areas:

1 Laser Research (more detailed description)

2 Ultrafast and Nonlinear Phenomena:
   Atoms, Molecules and Plasma

   (more detailed description)

3 Ultrafast and Nonlinear Phenomena:
   Condensed Phase

   (more detailed description)

In addition we have

4 Infrastructure and Applications
   (more detailed description)

This research structure is complemented by the organisational structure of the MBI, representing the main competence areas of MBI staff and the corresponding allocation of scientific equipment. Details of the projects can be accessed through the schematic research structure or the list of all projects.