Services and Infrastructure for Research
Joint responsibilty of the Board of Directors

General services and infrastructure for reasearch are organized by the board of directors in joint responsibiltiy. Specifically the following areas of service are provided (responisble members of staff are given in brackets):

  • Administration (K. Grundmann)
  • The administrative staff of the institute is responsible for specific budget tasks (puchase, accounting), manages external fundings and personnel services together with the joint administration of the Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V.

  • Library and Information (J. Rehse)
  • The small local library of the MBI provides access to specific scientific literature, specifically to scientific journals. Electronic access to scientific journals, data banks and other online services plays a central role and is organized jointly by the research institutes in Adlershof. The library of the MBI hence works in close collaboration with the Branch Library for Science of the Humboldt University at the Erwin Schrödinger Center in Berlin Adlershof as well a with the IGAFA.

  • IT (Th.-M.Kruel)
  • The IT staff is responsible for the operation, development and security of IT applications and the extended computer network of the MBI as well as for maintenance of operational software (application server, WWW, Network managment, file servers etc.). In addition, they offer support for PC's and workstations used in the MBI-intranet in cooperation with the IT-specialists in the research departments who are responsible for the respective hard- and software.

  • Maintenance (L. Lein)
  • The Maintenance group deals with operation and servicing of central technical devices, including installations for the scientific experiments as well as general operational infrastructure tasks (driving service, merchandise acceptance and caretaker service).

  • Construction and Mechanical Workshop (N. N.)
  • This group is responsible for manufacturing of devices and mechanical construction for scientific experimental operation. It also supports the construction of such equippment as well as technical drawings. The available computer-based equipment is also used for creation of scientific presentations (e.g. posters for scientific conferences).