Berliner WissenschaftsstandorteThe Max Born Institute is located in Berlin Adlershof, City for Science, Technology and Media. Berlin-Adlershof is one of six large sites of science in the Berlin region and at the same time probably the largest and most modern technology parks in Germany. The site hosts 11 non-university research institutes that are located in close vicinity to the science institutes of the Humboldt-University (HU) of Berlin. About 500 innovative small and medium sized companies are located here. The total area of 420 ha (about 2km x 2km) comprises in addition an important site for media, areas for service facilities and business, areas for industrial relocation, living quaters and large areas for parks. At present, a total of more than 10 000 people work here. In total more than 18 000 people work here, do research, teach and learn here today. Shops, restaurants, canteens and hotels as well as other social infra-structure are available on the site. Mehr ..

The Joint initiative of non-university research institutions in Adlershof, IGAFA operates 2 guest houses (Internationale Begegnungszentren), one on site in Adlershof, and one at the river Dahme in Köpenick, that can be reached in 10 min by tram. More ...