Sunday 21st
16:00- 19:30 h arrival, welcome, light buffet dinner
20:00-21:30 h From clusters to nanodroplets
Chair: Wolfgang Demtröder, Kaiserslautern
20:00-20:25 h Uzi Even, Tel Aviv
Shaped nozzles in supersonic beams
20:30-20:55 h Ori Chesnovsky, Tel Aviv
Bivalent metal clusters revisited
21:00-21:25 h Frank Stienkemeier, Freiburg
Real-time studies of doped helium nanodroplets: coherence and relaxation
Monday 22nd
8:30-10:30 h Clusters and complexes
Chair: Gustav Gerber, Würzburg
8:30-8:55 h
Wolfgang Christen, HU Berlin
From large molecules to small systems
9:00-9:25 h Eli Kolodney, Haifa
Multifragmentation in cluster-surface collisions: the transition from 'During -collision' to 'Post-collision' disintegration event
9:30-9:55 h
Tamotsu Kondow, Toyota, Japan
Clusters on Solid Surfaces
10:00 -10:25 h
Ayelet Gross, Jerusalem
Characterization of Ultrahigh Pressure Following Cluster-Surface Impact
  Coffee break
11:00-12:30 h Clusters and ultrafast dynamics
Chair: Raphael Levine, Jerusalem
11:00-11:25 h Andreas Heidenreich,Tel Aviv
Electron impact ionization of atomic clusters in ultraintense laser fields
11:30-11:55 h
Ludger Wöste, FU Berlin
Probing molecular dynamics: learning in the loop
12:00 -12:25 h
Roland Mitric, HU Berlin
Theoretical exploration of ultrafast processes in
clusters and their complexes
12:30 -14:30 h Lunch Break
14:30-16:30 h Dynamics of molecules and complexes
Chair: Karl Kompa, Garching
14:30-15:00 Tobias Brixner,Universität Würzburg
Two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy of molecular complexes
15:00-15:25 h Eberhard Riedle, Munich
Ultrafast charge transfer in solution and zeolites
15:30-15:55 h
Haim Levanon, Jerusalem
Multi-frequency time-resolved EPR applied to donor-acceptor ensembles
16:00 -16:25 h
Haim Diamant,Tel Aviv
Correlated dynamics in confined suspensions
  Coffee break
17:00-18:30 h Nanosystems
Chair: Joshua Jortner, Tel Aviv
17:00-17:25 h Yuval Ebenstein, Jerusalem
Interaction of metal, semiconducting and functionalized tips with semiconductor nanocrystals; Physical mechanisms and basis for imaging below the diffraction limit
17:30-17:55 h
Micha Asscher, Jerusalem
Metallic nano-clusters growth and film patterning via weakly bound buffer layer
18:00 -18:25 h
Kai Fauth, Stuttgart
Interfaces with and within magnetic clusters and nanoparticles
19:30 -20:30 h Dinner Break
20:30 h -
open end
Poster session and social get together
Tuesday 23rd
9:00-10:30 h Biomolecules
Chair: Martina Havenith, Bonn
9:00-9:25 h Marcus Motzkus,Marburg
Quantum control spectroscopy of biomolecules
9:30-9:55 h
Thomas Schultz, MBI Berlin
Excited state dynamics of microsolvated DNA bases and base pairs
10:00 -10:25 h
Markus Gerhards,Düsseldorf
Analysis of isolated extended beta-sheet model systems by combined IR/UV spectroscopy
Coffee break
11:00-12:30 h Biomolecules and ultra cold atoms and molecules
Chair: Alfred Holzwarth, Düsseldorf
11:00-11:25 h Nikolaus Ernsting,HU Berlin
A molecular IR spectrometer for biopolymers
11:30-11:55 h
Ron Folman, Beer-Sheva
Recent development in atomchips
12:00 -12:25 h
Ehoud Pazy, Beer-Sheva
On the Conversion of Ultracold Fermionic Atoms to Bosonic Molecules via Feshbach Resonances
12:30 -14:00 h Lunch Break
14:00-16:00 h Visit to Castle Köpenick or other social activity
17:00 h Bus to Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Science (BBAW)
18:15 h
in the Leibniz hall of the BBAW

The James-Franck Lecture
Moshe Shapiro,
Weizmann Institute
Coherent Control: From Concept to Reality

Chair and introduction: Ingolf Hertel, MBI Berlin

19:45-22:00 h Reception and Conference Dinner (Buffet)
22:00 h Return by Bus to Hotel
Wednesday 24th
until 10:00 h departure from hotel
unless reservation for an extension has been made
9:30-13:00 possibility to visit the Max Born Institute