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4th July 2016: Fluctuating liquid structure induces ultrabroad infrared absorption: The hydrated proton on ultrafast time scales
The elusive infrared absorption continuum of protons in aqueous environment has been topic of intense controversial debate since half a century. A team of scientists from the Max Born Institute and the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, show for the case of the Zundel cation (H2O...H+...OH2) H5O2+ that the surrounding liquid induces fluctuating electrical forces onto the proton, modulating its vibrational motions between the two water molecules. This mechanism, together with low-frequency thermal motions, results in the extreme broadening of the infrared spectrum. ...more.
30th June 2016: Dr. Olga Smirnova installed as Professor at the Technical University Berlin
The Technical University Berlin has installed Dr. Olga Smirnova as a Professor for "Theoretical Physics with a Focus on Atomic and Molecular Laser Physics" on 30 June 2016. The S-Professorship is anchored in the Institute for Optics and Atomic Physics on the TU. ... more.
28th April 2016: Quantum Swing - a pendulum that moves forward and backwards at the same time
Two-quantum oscillations of atoms in a semiconductor crystal are excited by ultrashort terahertz pulses. The terahertz waves radiated from the moving atoms are analyzed by a novel time-resolving method and demonstrate the non-classical character of large-amplitude atomic motions.. ...more.
22nd April 2016: Ultrafast photoelectron imaging grasps competition in molecular autoionization
Using time-, energy- and angular-resolved photoelectron imaging a team of researchers from the Max Born Institute in Berlin, in collaboration with colleagues from Milan and Padova, has been able to make snapshots of coupled Rydberg orbitals evolving in time during an ultrafast autoionization process.. ...more.
8th March 2016: Thomas Elsaesser is the 2016 recipient of the Ellis R. Lippincott Award
Thomas Elsaesser, Director at the Max-Born-Institute and Professor for Experimental Physics at Humboldt University, Berlin, receives the Ellis R. Lippincott Award for his "seminal contributions to the understanding of the ultrafast coherent and incoherent vibrational dynamics of hydrogen bonds in liquids and biomolecules". ...more.
18th February 2016: Amplification of Sound Waves at Extreme Frequencies
An electric current through a semiconductor nanostructure amplifies sound waves at ultrahigh frequency. This method allows for novel, highly compact sources of ultrasound, which can serve as diagnostic tool for imaging materials and biological structures with very high spatial resolution. ...more.
19th January 2016: Invisible light flash ignites nano-fireworks
A team of researchers from the Max Born Institute in Berlin and the University of Rostock demonstrated a new way to turn initially transparent nanoparticles suddenly into strong absorbers for intense laser light and let them explode. ...more.


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