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The seminar intends to survey the state of the art of novel light sources, illuminate their underlying physics, and to provide a forum to discuss accomplished and future applications. Topics will include terahertz quantum-cascade lasers, free-electron lasers, x-ray lasers, few-cycle pulses, and ultrahigh (relativistic) intensities, as well as theoretical concepts and mathematical methods. The main focus will be on the recent progress and the potential of attosecond pulses.

The seminar will feature invited talks and poster presentations in the informal atmosphere of the Universitätszentrum Obergurgl, which is located in the inner Ötztal with its unsurpassed snow conditions and hours of sunshine.

Confirmed speakers include:

A. D. Bandrauk (U. Sherbrooke, Canada)
D. Bauer (MPI Heidelberg, Germany)
A. Becker (MPIPKS Dresden, Germany)
J. Biegert (ICFO Barcelona, Spain)
S. Düsterer (DESY, Hamburg, Germany)
C. Faria (City College, London, UK)
M. V. Fedorov (GPI, Moscow, Russia)
M. Yu. Ivanov (NRC, Ottawa, Canada)
C. H. Keitel (MPI Heidelberg, Germany)
P. L. Knight (Imperial College, UK)
M. Lein (U. Kassel, Germany)
A. Leitenstorfer (U. Konstanz, Germany)
C. Manzoni (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
J. Marangos (Imperial College, London, UK)
Ph. Martin (CEA Saclay, France)
J. Mauritsson (Lund Univ., Sweden)
D. B. Milosevic (U. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina)
Th. Möller (TU Berlin, Germany)
O. D. Mücke (TU Vienna, Austria)

G. G. Paulus (U. Jena, Germany)
S. V. Popruzhenko (MPI Heidelberg, Germany)
H. R. Reiss (MBI Berlin, Germany)
E. Riedle (LMU Munich, Germany)
H. Rottke (MBI Berlin, Germany)
A. Saenz (HU Berlin, Germany)
P. Salieres (CEA Saclay, France)
K. Schiessl (TU. Vienna, Austria)
A. Scrinzi (TU Vienna, Austria)
M. O. Scully (Texas A&M and Princeton U, USA)
O. Smirnova (NRC, Ottawa, Canada)
C. Spielmann (U. Würzburg, Germany)
A. F. Starace (U. Nebraska, USA)
G. Steinmeyer (MBI Berlin, Germany)
S. Sukiasyan (U. Ottawa, Canada)
K. Taylor (U. Belfast, UK)
J. Ullrich (MPI Heidelberg, Germany)
K. Unterrainer (TU Vienna, Austria)
D. Vernhet (U. Paris 6, Paris, France)
D. Villeneuve (NRC, Canada)
M. Vrakking (FOM Amsterdam, Netherlands)

The seminar is made possible through financial support by the Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Stiftung. It is cosponsored by the Special Research Program ADLIS (Advanced Light Sources, Vienna University of Technology), the Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung der Republik Österreich, the University of Innsbruck, and the Max-Born-Institut. The organizers are Wilhelm Becker (Max-Born-Institut, Berlin, Germany), Joachim Burgdörfer (Vienna University of Technology, Austria), Fritz Ehlotzky (University of Innsbruck, Austria), and Wolfgang Sandner (Max-Born-Institut, Berlin, Germany).

For more information, please, contact

Bettina Haase, conference secretary,+49-30-6392-1302, haase@mbi-berlin.de or
Wilhelm Becker, +49-30-6392-1372, wbecker@mbi-berlin.de or any of the organizers.

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