The application Laboratories

The following facilities are offered:

in the femtosecond application laboratory 7 solid-state laser systems are available for the generation of femtosecond light pulses in the spectral range from 100 nm to 20 µm including setups for pulse shaping and characterization
the high field laser laboratory gives access to two high-field lasers with peak intensities around 1019 W/cm2
at the MBI-BESSY beamline facility located at the Berlin-Electron-Storage Ring for Synchrotron Radiation (a third generation synchrotron source in Berlin-Adlershof), experiments with combined laser and synchrotron radiation experiments can be performed.

In the application laboratories the MBI concentrates its specific experimental resources aiming at a most flexible, versatile and cost efficient use of expensive, state of the art equipment by internal researchers from different research projects as well as by external partners from science and industry.

Within this concept, the MBI offers its cooperation primarily to the following user groups:

Scientists from universities and research institutes, whose working field is not or not yet ultrafast spectroscopy or does not imply intensive usage of corresponding laser systems, are to be offered the possibility to make use of the laser systems available at the MBI for special investigations emerging ad hoc from their work. Thereby especially adressed are chemists, biologists, physicians and material researchers (while physicists are likely to be able to fall increasingly back upon own systems in their institutions).

For researchers and developers from industry this will also become attractive the more femtotechnology spreads in practical applications.

While the MBI application laboratories cannot be a substitute the femtosecond laser system in the lab of research groups who want to use these routinely, they may well serve for explorative studies providing the possibility for the external user to clarify whether the eventual acquisistion of an own system would be rewarding while at the same time working in the MBI facility may be seen as an opportunity to get familiar with methods and techniques of ultrafast spectroscopy.

Research groups with own experience in ultrafast spectroscopy or high field lasers physics who operate their own short pulse laser systems may also profit from the MBI application labs: they may access here ultrashort/ultraintensive light pulses at the technological limits or use special measuring techniques provided by the MBI.

Details can be found in the project description accessible via the project list.

The supply of the application laboratories spans fs light sources in a broad range of wavelengths and pulse energies. The measuring techniques required for pulse characterization and control are also provided (pulse energy, temporal and spatial extension, wavelength, band width, chirp etc.). Usually typical setups for pump-probe experiments are available.

Moreover for cooperation projects a standard experimental equipment can be supplied which is continuosly expanded. Optics, measuring techniques and apparatus being specific for the experiment and exceeding the standard are provided by agreement either by the application laboratory, the MBI-group or the external user for joined research projects. Scheduling the measuring time occurs by unformal arrangement. Interested users can apply for funding in the framework of the EU Access to Research Infrastructures program (Laserlab-Europe).