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A1-P-2009.03J. Bonse, A. Rosenfeld, C. Grebing, G. Steinmeyer, N. Mailman, G. A. Botton
Ablation and structural changes induced in InP surfaces by single 10fs laser pulses in air
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (2009) 074907/1-7
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A2-P-2005.12T. Laarmann, I. Shchatsinin, M. L. Boyle, G. Stibenz, G. Steinmeyer, C. P. Schulz, I. V. Hertel
Nonadiabatic multielectron dynamics in (moderately) strong laser fields: C60 a model case for large finite system
in: Femtochemistry VII: Fundamental Ultrafast Processes in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, Jr., A. W. Castleman, M. L. Kimble (Eds.), Elsevier, Amsterdam (2006) p. 543-552
A2-P-2006.05I. Shchatsinin, T. Laarmann, G. Stibenz, G. Steinmeyer, A. Stalmashonak, N. Zhavoronkov, C. P. Schulz, I. V. Hertel
C60 in intense short pulse laser fields down to 9 fs: excitation on time scales below e-e and e-phonon coupling
Journal of Chemical Physics 125 (2006) 194320/1-15
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A3-P-2009.10W. B. Cho, A. Schmidt, J. H. Yim, S. Y. Choi, S. Lee, F. Rotermund, U. Griebner, G. Steinmeyer, V. Petrov, X. Mateos, M. C. Pujol, J. J. Carvajal, M. Aguilo, F. Diaz
Passive mode-locking of a Tm-doped bulk laser near 2 mm using a carbon nanotube saturable absorber
Optics Express 17 (2009) 11007-11012
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A3-P-2010.09W. B. Cho, A. Schmidt, S. Y. Choi, V. Petrov, U. Griebner, G. Steinmeyer, S. Lee, D-I. Yeom, F. Rotermund
Mode locking of a Cr:YAG laser with carbon nanotubes
Optics Letters 35 (2010) 2669 - 2671
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A3-P-2017.10N. Raabe, T. Feng, M. Mero, H. Tian, Y. Song, W. Haensel, R. Holzwarth, A. Sell, A. Zach, G. Steinmeyer
Excess carrier-envelope phase noise generation in saturable absorbers
Optics Letters 42 (2017) 1068-1071
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B2-P-2008.18B. Manschwetus, T. Nubbemeyer, K. Gorling, G. Steinmeyer, U. Eichmann, H. Rottke, W. Sandner
Strong laser field fragmentation of H2: Coulomb explosion without double ionization
Physical Review Letters 102 (2009) 113002/1-4
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B2-P-2010.05B. Manschwetus, H. Rottke, G. Steinmeyer, L. Foucar, A. Czasch, H. Schmidt-Bocking, W. Sandner
Mechanisms underlying strong-field double ionization of argon dimers
Physical Review A 82 (2010) 013413/1-9
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B2-P-2011.14H. Geiseler, H. Rottke, G. Steinmeyer, W. Sandner
Quantum beat oscillations in the two-color-photoionization continuum of neon and their dependence on the intensity of the ionizing laser pulse
Physical Review A 84 (2011) 033424/1-11
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B2-P-2012.14A. von Veltheim, B. Manschwetus, W. Quan, B. Borders, G. Steinmeyer, H. Rottke, W. Sandner
Frustrated tunnel ionization of noble gas dimers with Rydberg-electron shakeoff by electron charge oscillation
Physical Review Letters 110 (2013) 023001/1-5
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B2-P-2013.23A. von Veltheim, B. Borchers, G. Steinmeyer, H. Rottke
Imaging the impulsive alignment of noble-gas dimers via Coulomb explosion
Physical Review A 89 (2014) 023432/1-12
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B3-P-2007.05K. Osvay, M. Görbe, C. Grebing, G. Steinmeyer
Bandwidth-independent linear method for detection of the carrier-envelope offset phase
Optics Letters 32 (2007) 3095-3097
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B3-P-2008.06M. Görbe, K. Osvay, C. Grebing, G. Steinmeyer
Isochronic carrier-envelope phase-shift compensator
Optics Letters 33 (2008) 2704-2706
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B3-P-2009.01M. Görbe, C. Grebing, G. Steinmeyer, K. Osvay
A linear optical method for measuring the carrier-envelope phase drift
Applied Physics B 95 (2009) 273–280
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C2-P-2002.13G. Steinmeyer
Dispersion oscillations in ultrafast phase-correction devices
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 39 (2003) 1027-1034
C2-P-2002.21U. Neumann, R. Grunwald, U. Griebner, G. Steinmeyer, M. Woerner, W. Seeber
Second harmonic characteristics of photonic composite glass layers with ZnO nanocrystallites for ultrafast applications
SPIE Proceedings 4972 (2003) 112-121
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C2-P-2003.02F.W. Helbing, G. Steinmeyer, U. Keller
Carrier-envelope offset phase-locking with attosecond timing jitter
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 9 (2003) 1030-1040
C2-P-2003.04R. Grunwald, U. Neumann, U. Griebner, K. Reimann, G. Steinmeyer, V. Kebbel
Ultrashort-pulse wavefront autocorrelation
Optics Letters 28 (2003) 2399-2401
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C2-P-2003.06G. Steinmeyer
Brewster-angled chirped mirrors for high-fidelity dispersion compensation and bandwidths exceeding one optical octave
Optics Express 11 (2003) 2385-2396
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C2-P-2003.08G. Steinmeyer
Carrier-envelope dynamics and stabilization of few-cycle laser sources
IEEE LEOS Newsletter 17 (2003) 8-9
C2-P-2003.10G. Steinmeyer
Dispersion compensation by microstructured optical devices in ultrafast optics
Applied Physics A 79 (2004) 1663-1671
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2003.12G. Steinmeyer, U. Keller
Optical comb dynamics and stabilization
in: Femtosecond Optical Frequency Comb: Principle, Operation, and Applications, J. Ye, S. Cundiff (Eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishing, Norwell, MA (2005) p. 112-132
C2-P-2003.13G. Steinmeyer
Ultrafast optoelectronics
in: Handbook of Optoelectronics, 1 J. Dakin, R. Brown (Eds.), Taylor & Francis, Boca Raton, USA (2006) p. 565-586
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2003.20U. Neumann, R. Grunwald, U. Griebner, G. Steinmeyer, W. Seeber
Second harmonic efficiency of ZnO nanolayers
Applied Physics Letters 84 (2004) 170-172
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C2-P-2003.21G. Sansone, G. Steinmeyer, C. Vozzi, S. Stagira, M. Nisoli, de Silvestri, S., K. Starke, D. Ristau, B. Schenkel, J. Biegert, A. Gosteva, U. Keller
Mirror dispersion control of a hollow fiber supercontinuum
Applied Physics B 78 (2004) 551-555
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C2-P-2003.24G. Steinmeyer
Nonlinear and short pulse effects
in: Handbook of Optoelectronics, 2 Volume Set / 1 J. Dakin, R. Brown (Eds.), Taylor & Francis, Boca Raton, USA (2006) p. 307-326
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2003.26G. Steinmeyer
A review of ultrafast optics and optoelectronics
Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 5 (2003) R1-R15
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C2-P-2003.27F.W. Helbing, G. Steinmeyer, U. Keller
Carrier-envelope control of femtosecond lasers with attosecond timing jitter
Laser Physics 13 (2003) 644-651
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C2-P-2003.28R. Grunwald, U. Neumann, U. Griebner, K. Reimann, G. Steinmeyer, V. Kebbel
Wavefront autocorrelation of femtosecond laser beams
SPIE Proceedings 5333 (2004) 122-130
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C2-P-2004.01G. Stibenz, G. Steinmeyer
High dynamic range characterization of ultrabroadband white-light continuum pulses
Optics Express 12 (2004) 6319-6325
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C2-P-2004.02R. Grunwald, G. Steinmeyer
Ultrakurze Laserpulse: Regenbögen in Raum und Zeit
Physik in unserer Zeit 35 (2004) 218-226
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C2-P-2004.15R. Grunwald, U. Neumann, G. Stibenz, G. Steinmeyer, V. Kebbel, J.-L. Néron, M. Piché
Truncated ultrashort-pulse small-angle Bessel beams
SPIE Proceedings 5579 (2004) 724-735
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2004.19G. Steinmeyer, G. Stibenz
Compression and characterization of few-cycle white-light supercontinuum pulses
Laser Physics 15 (2005) 1276–1283
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C2-P-2004.20G. Stibenz, G. Steinmeyer, W. Richter
Dynamic spectral interferometry for measuring the nonlinear amplitude and phase response of a saturable absorber mirror
Applied Physics Letters 86 (2005) 081105/1-3
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C2-P-2004.21G. Graschew, M. Bastian, S. Rakowsky, T.A. Roelofs, E. Balanos, P.M. Schlag, G. Steinmeyer, T. Elsaesser
Development of an applicator for multiphoton PDT
SPIE Proceedings 5463 (2004) 68-74
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C2-P-2004.22M. Moenster, P. Glas, G. Steinmeyer, R. Iliew
Mode-locked Nd-doped microstructured fiber laser
Optics Express 12 (2004) 4523-4528
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C2-P-2005.03G. Steinmeyer
Femtosecond dispersion compensation with multilayer coatings: toward the optical octave
Applied Optics 45 (2006) 1484-1490
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C2-P-2005.04G. Stibenz, G. Steinmeyer
Interferometric frequency-resolved optical gating
Optics Express 13 (2005) 2617-2626
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C2-P-2005.05U. Neumann, R. Grunwald, U. Griebner, G. Steinmeyer
Second harmonic performance of a-axis oriented ZnO nanolayers on sapphire substrates
Applied Physics Letters 87 (2005) 171108/1-3
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2005.06R. Grunwald, U. Neumann, U. Griebner, G. Stibenz, S. Langer, G. Steinmeyer, V. Kebbel, M. Piché
Recent advances in thin-film microoptics
SPIE Proceedings 5827 (2005) 187-199
C2-P-2005.09P. Glas, D. Fischer, G. Steinmeyer, A. Husakou, J. Herrmann, R. Iliew, N.B. Skibina, V.I. Beloglasov, Y.S. Skibina
Supercontinuum generation in a two-dimensional photonic kagome crystal
Applied Physics B 81 (2005) 209-217
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2005.10P. Glas, D. Fischer, M. Moenster, G. Steinmeyer, R. Iliew, C. Etrich, M. Kreitel, L.-E. Nilsson, R. Köppler
Large-mode-area Nd-doped single-transverse-mode dual-wavelength microstructure fiber laser
Optics Express 13 (2005) 7884-7892
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2005.11M. Moenster, P. Glas, G. Steinmeyer, R. Iliew, N. Lebedev, R. Wedell, M. Bretschneider
Femtosecond neodymium-doped microstructure fiber laser
Optics Express 13 (2005) 8671-8677
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2005.12G. Stibenz, N. Zhavoronkov, G. Steinmeyer
Self-compression of millijoule pulses to 7.8 fs duration in a white-light filament
Optics Letters 31 (2006) 274-276
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2005.13G. Steinmeyer, G. Stibenz
Generation of sub-4-fs pulses via compression of a white-light continuum using only chirped mirrors
Applied Physics B 82 (2006) 175-181
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2005.14G. Stibenz, G. Steinmeyer
Structures of interferometric frequency-resolved optical gating
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 12 (2006) 286-296
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2005.15G. Steinmeyer
Wie misst man kurze Laserimpulse? Welche Verfahren gibt es?
Laser Technik Journal 4 (2005) 34-39
C2-P-2005.29R. Grunwald, U. Neumann, U. Griebner, G. Steinmeyer, G. Stibenz, M. Bock
Self-reconstruction of pulsed optical X-waves
in: Localized Waves; Wiley Series in Microwave and Optical Engineering, H. E. Hernández-Figueroa, M. Zamboni-Rached, E. Recami (Eds.), Wiley-Interscience, (2008) p. 299-314
C2-P-2005.36F. Weik, G. Steinmeyer, J.W. Tomm, R. Glatthaar, U. Vetter, J. Nurnus, A. Lambrecht
A room-temperature continuous-wave operating mid-infrared light emitting device
Journal of Applied Physics 99 (2006) 114506/1-4
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2006.03A.S. Wyatt, I.A. Walmsley, G. Stibenz, G. Steinmeyer
Sub-10-fs pulse characterization using spatially encoded arrangement for spectral phase interferometry for direct electric-field reconstruction
Optics Letters 31 (2006) 1914-1916
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2006.04G. Stibenz, C. Ropers, C. Lienau, C. Warmuth, A.S. Wyatt, I.A. Walmsley, G. Steinmeyer
Advanced methods for the characterization of few-cycle light pulses: a comparison
Applied Physics B 83 (2006) 511-519
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2006.05P. Baum, M. Breuer, E. Riedle, G. Steinmeyer
Brewster-angled chirped mirrors for broadband pulse compression without dispersion oscillations
Optics Letters 31 (2006) 2220-2222
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2006.06G. Steinmeyer
Terahertz meets attoscience
Nature Physics 2 (2006) 305-306
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2006.07G. Stibenz, G. Steinmeyer
Optimizing spectral phase interferometry for direct electric-field reconstruction
Review of Scientific Instruments 77 (2006) 073105/1-9
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2006.09S. Skupin, G. Stibenz, L. Bergé, F. Lederer, T. Sokollik, M. Schnürer, N. Zhavoronkov, G. Steinmeyer
Self-compression by femtosecond pulse filamentation: Experiments versus numerical simulations
Physical Review E 74 (2006) 056604/1-9
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2006.10M. Moenster, P. Glas, R. Iliew, R. Wedell, G. Steinmeyer
Microstructure fiber solution laser
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 18 (2006) 2502-2504
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2006.12M. Moenster, G. Steinmeyer, R. Iliew, F. Lederer, K. Petermann
Analytical relation between effective mode field area and waveguide dispersion in microstructure fibers
Optics Letters 31 (2006) 3249-3251
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2006.14M. Moenster, U. Griebner, W. Richter, G. Steinmeyer
Resonant saturable absorber mirrors for dispersion control in ultrafast lasers
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 43 (2007) 174-181
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2006.18F. Saas, G. Steinmeyer, U. Griebner, M. Zorn, M. Weyers
Exciton resonance tuning for the generation of subpicosecond pulses from a mode-locked semiconductor disk laser
Applied Physics Letters 89 (2006) 141107/1-3
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2006.33P. Baum, M. Breuer, E. Riedle, G. Steinmeyer
Chirped mirrors without dispersion oscillations by Brewster's angle incidence
in: Ultrafast Phenomena XV, P. Corkum, D. Jonas, R. J. D. Miller, A. M. Weiner (Eds.), Springer, Berlin (2007) p. 163-165
C2-P-2007.06J. Bethge, C. Grebing, G. Steinmeyer
A fast Gabor wavelet transform for high-precision phase retrieval in spectral interferometry
Optics Express 15 (2007) 14313-14321
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2007.09T. Hansel, von Kopylow, C., J. Müller, C. Falldorf, W. Jüptner, R. Grunwald, G. Steinmeyer, U. Griebner
Ultrashort pulse dual-wavelength source for digital holographic two-wavelength contouring
Applied Physics B 89 (2007) 513-516
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2007.11J. Bethge, G. Steinmeyer
Numerical fringe pattern demodulation strategies in interferometry
Review of Scientific Instruments 79 (2008) 073102/1-8
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2007.14R. Grunwald, M. Bock, V. Kebbel, S. Huferath, U. Neumann, G. Steinmeyer, G. Stibenz, J.-L. Néron, M. Piché
Ultrashort-pulsed truncated polychromatic Bessel-Gauss beams
Optics Express 16 (2008) 1077-1089
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2007.17A. Schmidt, S. Rivier, G. Steinmeyer, J. H. Yim, W. B. Cho, S. Lee, F. Rotermund, M. C. Pujol, X. Mateos, M. Aguiló, F. Diaz, V. Petrov, U. Griebner
Passive mode-locking of Yb:KLuW using a single-walled carbon nanotube saturable absorber
Optics Letters 33 (2008) 729-731
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2008.07J. S. Skibina, R. Iliew, J. Bethge, M. Bock, D. Fischer, V. I. Beloglasov, R. Wedell, G. Steinmeyer
A chirped photonic-crystal fibre
Nature Photonics 2 (2008) 679-683
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2008.17L. Bergé, S. Skupin, G. Steinmeyer
Temporal self-restoration of compressed optical filaments
Physical Review Letters 101 (2008) 213901/1-4
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2008.18C. Brée, A. Demircan, G. Steinmeyer
Asymptotic pulse shapes in filamentary propagation of intense femtosecond pulses
Laser Physics 19 (2009) 330-335
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2008.22J. H. Yim, W. B. Cho, S. Lee, Y. H. Ahn, K. Kim, H. Lim, G. Steinmeyer, V. Petrov, U. Griebner, F. Rotermund
Fabrication and characterization of ultrafast carbon nanotube saturable absorbers for solid-state laser mode locking near 1 µm
Applied Physics Letters 93 (2008) 161106/1-3
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2008.24S. Koke, C. Grebing, B. Manschwetus, G. Steinmeyer
Fast f-to-2f interferometer for a direct measurement of the carrier-envelope phase drift of ultrashort amplified laser pulses
Optics Letters 33 (2008) 2545-2547
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2008.25J. Bethge, G. Steinmeyer, S. Burger, F. Lederer, R. Iliew
Guiding properties of chirped photonic crystal fibers
Journal of Lightwave Technology 27 (2009) 1698-1706
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2008.30C. Brée, A. Demircan, S. Skupin, L. Bergé, G. Steinmeyer
Self-pinching of pulsed laser beams during filamentary propagation
Optics Express 17 (2009) 16429-16435
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2008.35C. Grebing, S. Koke, B. Manschwetus, G. Steinmeyer
Performance comparison of interferometer topologies for carrier-envelope phase detection
Applied Physics B 95 (2009) 81-84
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2008.37T. Hansel, G. Steinmeyer, R. Grunwald, C. Falldorf, J. Bonitz, C. Kaufmann, V. Kebbel, U. Griebner
Synthesized femtosecond laser pulse source for two-wavelength contouring with simultaneously recorded digital holograms
Optics Express 17 (2009) 2686-2695
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2009.01C. Brée, A. Demircan, G. Steinmeyer
Method for computing the nonlinear refractive index via Keldysh theory
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 46 (2010) 433-437
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2009.02L. Bergé, S. Skupin, G. Steinmeyer
Self-recompression of laser filaments exiting a gas cell
Physical Review A 79 (2009) 033838/1-11
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2009.13T. Hansel, R. Grunwald, G. Steinmeyer, U. Griebner, F. Schneider, U. Wallrabe
Time-resolved two-wavelength contouring of adaptive fluidic PDMS-lenses
SPIE Proceedings 7358 (2009) 735809/1-9
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2009.17A. Schmidt, S. Rivier, W. B. Cho, J. H. Yim, S. Y. Choi, S. Lee, F. Rotermund, D. Rytz, G. Steinmeyer, V. Petrov, U. Griebner
Sub-100 fs single-walled carbon nanotube saturable absorber mode-locked Yb-laser operation near 1µm
Optics Express 17 (2009) 20109-20116
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2009.19C. Grebing, M. Goerbe, K. Osvay, G. Steinmeyer
Isochronic and isodispersive carrier-envelope phase-shift compensators
Applied Physics B 97 (2009) 575-581
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2009.26W. B. Cho, J. H. Yim, S. Y. Choi, S. Lee, A. Schmidt, G. Steinmeyer, U. Griebner, V. Petrov, D.-I. Yeom, K. Kim, F. Rotermund
Boosting the nonlinear optical response of carbon nanotube saturable absorbers for broadband mode-locking of bulk lasers
Advanced Functional Materials 20 (2010) 1937-1943
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2009.27C. Brée, A. Demircan, S. Skupin, L. Bergé, G. Steinmeyer
Plasma induced pulse breaking in filamentary self-compression
Laser Physics 20 (2010) 1107-1113
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2009.28A. Anderson, K. S. Deryckx, X. G. Xu, G. Steinmeyer, M. B. Raschke
Few-femtosecond plasmon dephasing of a single metallic nanostructure from optical response function reconstruction by interferometric frequency resolved optical gating
Nano Letters 10 (2010) 2519-2524
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2009.30J. Bethge, A. Husakou, F. Mitschke, F. Noack, U. Griebner, G. Steinmeyer, J. Herrmann
Two-octave supercontinuum generation in a water-filled photonic crystal fiber
Optics Express 18 (2010) 6230-6240
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2010.02S. Koke, C. Grebing, H. Frei, A. Anderson, A. Assion, G. Steinmeyer
Direct frequency comb synthesis with arbitrary offset and shot-noise-limited phase noise
Nature Photonics 4 (2010) 462-465
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2010.18A. Härkönen, J. Paajaste, S. Suomalainen, J.-P. Alanko, C. Grebing, R. Koskinen, G. Steinmeyer, M. Guina
Picosecond passively mode-locked GaSb-based semiconductor disk laser operating at 2 µm
Optics Letters 35 (2010) 4090-4092
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2010.19C. Brée, A. Demircan, G. Steinmeyer
Saturation of the all-optical Kerr effect
Physical Review Letters 106 (2011) 183902/1-4
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2010.20C. Brée, J. Bethge, S. Skupin, L. Bergé, A. Demircan, G. Steinmeyer
Cascaded self-compression of femtosecond pulses in filaments
New Journal of Physics 12 (2010) 093046/1-11
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2010.31X. G. Xu, K. S. Deryckx, A. Anderson, G. Steinmeyer, M. Raschke
Few-femtosecond plasmon dephasing of a single metallic nanostructure from optical response function reconstruction
in: Ultrafast Phenomena XVII, M. Chergui, D. M. Jonas, E. Riedle, R. W. Schoenlein, A. J. Taylor (Eds.), Oxford University Press, Oxford (2011) p. 676-678
C2-P-2011.01T. Le, J. Bethge, J. Skibina, G. Steinmeyer
Hollow fiber for flexible sub-20-fs pulse delivery
Optics Letters 36 (2011) 442-444
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2011.02J. Bethge, C. Brée, H. Redlin, G. Stibenz, P. Staudt, G. Steinmeyer, A. Demircan, S. Düsterer
Self-compression of 120 fs pulses in a white-light filament
Journal of Optics - Nouvelle Revue d.Optique 13 (2011) 055203/1-7
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2011.03A. Härkönen, C. Grebing, J. Paajaste, R. Koskinen, J.-P. Alanko, S. Suomalainen, G. Steinmeyer, M. Guina
Modelocked GaSb disk laser producing 384 fs pulses at 2 µm wavelength
Electronics Letters 47 (2011) 454-456
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2011.04C. Brée, A. Demircan, J. Bethge, E. T. J. Nibbering, S. Skupin, S. Bergé, G. Steinmeyer
Filamentary pulse self-compression: The impact of the cell windows
Physical Review A 83 (2011) 043803/1-7
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2011.06A. Demircan, Sh. Amiranashvili, G. Steinmeyer
Controlling light by light with an optical event horizon
Physical Review Letters 106 (2011) 163901/1-4
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2011.07Yu. S. Skibina, V. V. Tuchin, V. I. Beloglazov, G. Steinmeyer, J. Bethge, R. Wedell, N. Langhoff
Photonic crystal fibres in biomedical studies
Quantum Electronics 41 (2011) 284-301
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2011.10S. K. Das, C. Schwanke, A. Pfuch, W. Seeber, M. Bock, G. Steinmeyer, T. Elsaesser, R. Grunwald
Highly efficient THG in TiO2 nanolayers for third-order pulse characterization
Optics Express 19 (2011) 16985-16995
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2011.11bC. Brée, A. Demircan, G. Steinmeyer
Modulation instability in filamentary self-compression
Laser Physics 21 (2011) 1313-1318
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2011.13S. Koke, A. Anderson, H. Frei, A. Assion, G. Steinmeyer
Noise performance of a feed-forward scheme for carrier-envelope phase stabilization
Applied Physics B - Lasers and Optics 104 (2011) 799-804
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2011.16B. Borchers, S. Koke, A. Husakou, J. Herrmann, G. Steinmeyer
Carrier-envelope phase stabilization with sub-10 as residual timing jitter
Optics Letters 36 (2011) 4146-4148
URL, DOI or PDF-File
C2-P-2011.19J. Paajaste, S. Suomalainen, R. Koskinen, A. Härkönen, G. Steinmeyer, M. Guina
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