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A1-P-2014.04A. W. Schell, P. Engel, J. F. M. Werra, C. Wolff, K. Busch, O. Benson
Scanning single quantum emitter fluorescence lifetime imaging: quantitative analysis of the local density of photonic states
Nano Letters 14 (2014) 2623-2627
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A2-P-2013.34R. Golnak, K. Atak, E. Suljoti, K. F. Hodeck, K. M. Lange, M. A. Soldatov, N. Engel, E. F. Aziz
Local electronic structure of aqueous zinc acetate: oxygen K-edge X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy on micro-jets
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (2013) 8046-8049
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A2-P-2018.01J. Banerjee, S. Behnle, M. C. E. Galbraith, V. Settels, B. Engels, R. Tonner, R. F. Fink
Comparison of the periodic slab approach with the finite cluster description of metal-organic interfaces at the example of PTCDA on Ag(110)
Journal of Computational Chemistry 39 (2018) 844-852
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B2-P-2000.14C. Trump, H. Rottke, M. Wittmann, G. Korn, W. Sandner, M. Lein, V. Engel
Pulse-width and isotope effects in femtosecond-strong-field dissociation of H2+ and D2+
Physical Review A 62 (2000) 063402/1-9
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B2-P-2018.03L. Caretta, M. Mann, F. Büttner, K. Ueda, B. Pfau, C. M. Günther, P. Hessing, A. Churikova, C. Klose, M. Schneider, D. Engel, C. Marcus, D. Bono, K. Bagschik, S. Eisebitt, G. S. D. Beach
Fast current-driven domain walls and small skyrmions in a compensated ferrimagnet
Nature Nanotechnology 13 (2018) 1154–1160
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B3-P-2018.13M. Gross, O. Lishilin, G. Loisch, P. Boonpornprasert, Y. Chen, J. Engel, J. Good, H. Huck, I. Isaev, M. Krasilnikov, X. Li, R. Niemczyk, A. Oppelt, H. Qian, Y. Renie, F. Stephan, Q. Zhao, R. Brinkmann, Martinez de la Ossa, A., J. Osterhoff, F. J Grüner, T. Mehrling, C. B. Schroeder, I. Will
Characterization of self-modulated electron bunches in an argon plasma
Journal of Physics Conference Series 1067 (2018) 042012/1-6
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B4-P-2016.12D. Engel, D. Mishra, S. Eisebitt
CXS: Coherent X-ray scattering at the UE49-SGM at BESSY II
Journal of large-scale research facilities JLSRF A56 (2016) 1-4
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B4-P-2016.19S. Flewett, D. Mishra, T. J. A. Mori, C. M. Günther, J. C. Denardin, S. Oyarzún, S. Michea, D. Engel, M. Fohler, T. C. R. Rocha, A. Ovalle F., L. T. Núñez A., B. Pfau, J. Escrig, S. Eisebitt
Three-dimensional characterization of Co/Pd multilayer thin films using resonant soft x-ray scattering
Physical Review B 95 (2017) 094430/1-11
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B4-P-2017.08F. Büttner, I. Lemesh, M. Schneider, B. Pfau, C. M. Günther, P. Hessing, J. Geilhufe, L. Caretta, D. Engel, B. Krüger, J. Viefhaus, S. Eisebitt, G. S. D. Beach
Field-free deterministic ultrafast creation of magnetic skyrmions by spin–orbit torques
Nature Nanotechnology 12 (2017) 1040–1044
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C3-P-2013.07S. Kuehn, S. Friede, S. Sadofev, S. Blumstengel, F. Henneberger, T. Elsaesser
Surface excitons on a ZnO (000-1) thin film
Applied Physics Letters 103 (2013) 191909/1-5
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C3-P-2014.15S. Friede, S. Kuehn, S. Sadofev, S. Blumstengel, F. Henneberger, T. Elsaesser
Nanoscale transport of surface excitons at the interface between ZnO and a molecular monolayer
Physical Review B (R) 91 (2015) 121415/1-5
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