3.1 Dynamics of Condensed Phase Molecular Systems
Project coordinator(s): E. Nibbering, O. Kornilov

Project Goals

The aim is the real-time determination of ultrafast structural dynamics of molecular and biomolecular systems in the condensed phase.

This project aims at a real-time observation of ultrafast molecular processes in the condensed phase, addressing the dynamics of elementary excitations, photo-induced chemical reactions and ultrafast changes of the electronic and/or chemical structure of molecular systems. Hydrogen bond dynamics of constitute a major fraction of the research. Chemical reactions studied include hydrogen and proton transfer, electron transfer, bond fission, ring-opening/closure and cis/trans isomerizations. These activities fall in the field of ultrafast chemistry, also known as femtochemistry. The project makes use of a broad range of experimental techniques including all-optical pump-probe spectroscopy in a range from the mid-infrared to soft-x-ray, infrared photon-echo and multidimensional vibrational spectroscopies, and photoelectron spectroscopy using ultrashort VUV pulses.

Femtosecond IR spectroscopy as a tool to explore ultrafast hydrogen bond dynamics in hydrated DNA


Key Publications

  • Key publications
CHE14 R. Costard, I. A. Heisler and T. Elsaesser.
Structural dynamics of hydrated phospholipid surfaces probed by ultrafast 2D spectroscopy of phosphate vibrations
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 5 (2014) 506-51
URL, DOI or PDF-File
SGL16 T. Siebert, B. Guchhait, Y. Liu, B. P. Fingerhut and T. Elsaesser.
Real-time observation of carbonic acid formation in aqueous solution
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 7 (2016) 3131−3136
URL, DOI or PDF-File
DCP16 F. Dahms, R. Costard, E. Pines, B. P. Fingerhut, E. T. J. Nibbering and T. Elsaesser.
The hydrated excess proton in the Zundel cation H5O2+: The role of ultrafast solvent fluctuations
Angewandte Chemie. International Edition 55 (2016) 10600–10605.
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EQF14 M. Ekimova, W. Quevedo, M. Faubel, Ph. Wernet and E. T. J. Nibbering
A liquid flatjet system for solution phase soft-X-ray spectroscopy
Structural Dynamics 2 (2015) 054301/1-13
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BNY15 F. Buchner, A. Nakayama, S. Yamazaki, H.-H. Ritze and A. Lübcke
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Journal of American Chemical Society 137 (2015) 2931-2938
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