3.1 Dynamics of Condensed Phase Molecular Systems
Project coordinator(s): E. Nibbering, O. Kornilov
Highlights of project 3.1 (and previous project II.11 and project 2-04)

Dynamics of Condensed Phase Molecular Systems

Highlights of project 3.1 in 2018

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16 January 2018

Headline news:
Mechanisms and dynamics of the interaction between RNA and water are now revealed by vibrational spectroscopy on ultrashort time scales and analyzed by in-depth theory.

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One sentence summary:
Structural boundary conditions set by the RNA surface impose interfacial water to have librational motions within a fraction of a picosecond whereas the local spatial arrangement is preserved for a time range longer than 10 ps, in marked contrast to that of neat water.

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Contact: Thomas Elsaesser
Contact: Benjamin Fingerhut


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DFG within the Emmy Noether Programme (grant number FI 2034/1-1)

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