The Colloquium of the Max Born Institute is scheduled typically in two week intervals for Wednesday, 16:00 h. At 15.45 h coffee is available in the foyer, giving an opportunity for informal discussions with the lecturer and participants.

Location: Max Born Hall, Max-Born-Straße 2A, D12489 Berlin-Adlershof .

Wednesday, 2017/09/20
Max Born Lecture Hall, 14:00 h
Prof. Dr. Rupert Huber
Universität Regensburg
Wednesday, 2017/06/21
Max Born Lecture Hall, 14:00 h - 15:00 h
Prof. Dr. Steve Johnson
ETH Zürich
Ultrashort light pulses as a tool for atomic-scale control of solids  
Wednesday, 2017/05/24
Max Born Lecture Hall, 14:00 h
Prof. Dr. Linda Young
Argonne National Laboratory, The University of Chicago, USA
Towards ultrafast imaging and spectroscopy in the water window  
Wednesday, 2017/05/17
Max-Born-Saal, 14:00 h
Prof. Dr. Burkhard Hillebrands
Wiss. Direktor Leibniz-Institut für Festkörper- und Werkstoffforschung Dresden
Advanced Magnonics  
Wednesday, 2017/04/26
Max-Born-Saal, 14:00 h
Prof. Dr. Franz X. Kaertner
DESY - CFEL & MIT, Dep. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Cambridge, USA
How to shrink an accelerator: From the European X-FEL to compact X-ray sources  
Wednesday, 2017/01/18
Max Born Lecture Hall, 14:00 h
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Paulus
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Cross-sectional nanoscale imaging using high harmonics  

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