4.2 Application Laboratories and Technology Transfer
Project coordinator(s): M. Schnürer, H. Stiel

Project Goals

Offering access to unique research facilities and new technologies developed at MBI by efficient use of dedicated laser systems and measuring techniques

The infrastructure project 4.2 comprises access activities for internal and external user to some unique facilities at MBI. Whereas the High Field Laboratory (HFL) and the Femtosecond Application Laboratories (FAL) are mainly devoted to users from science, the Berlin Laboratory for innovative X-ray technologies (BLIX) is a special laboratory operated together with the TU Berlin to support the transfer of methods and technologies developed at MBI in the field of x-ray science to industry.
The offered access laboratories are a part of the Laserlab-Europe activity established in 1996.
Within Laserlab-Europe MBI offers access to its application laboratories to scientists on a transnational basis, i.e. scientists who work in countries other than Germany. Access is granted on the basis of scientific excellence of the proposal, reviewed by an external and independent Selection Panel. Access is provided free of charge, including travel and accommodation. More information and guidelines for the preparation of proposals can be found on the Laserlab-Europe web page. Since the beginning of its Transnational Access activities, MBI has provided more than 2000 days of access to European users coming from more than 20 different countries (see graph below).

EU user statistics for the MBI application laboratories



  • some selected highlights are included in the description of the facilities. In general scientific results belong to the project groups 1-3.