4-22 High intensity laser application laboratory
Project coordinator(s): M. Schnürer, G. Priebe
Multi 10- TW Ti:Sapphire laser system

Since more than 10 years TW- Ti:Sa laser development is a part of the research activities in project 1-02. Within the High Field Laser Infrastructure a multi 10- TW laser is in use for plasma experiments in different projects. The current layout is depicted in the scheme below:

Currently a further moderate increase of pump energy has yielded pulses with an energy above 4 J before temporal pulse compression. With improvement of the spectral handling shorter pulses are anticipated and with optimization of the beam line transmission we anticipate a realization of 100 TW pulses in future. This together with a newly installed 100 TW laser arm in 2010 (substitution for the Nd:Glass laser) will bring up a unique facility for pump - probe experiments at relativistic laser intensities.



View into the opened vacuum compressor chamber of the Ti:Sapphire laser
In the center is visible one of the 40cm high quality gratings (LLNL production).


The 10 Hz system delivers at the moment 40 - 50 fs, ~1.2 - 1.4 J pulses on target focusable to intensities of several times 1019W/cm2.

Foto of the 30 TW Ti:sapph laser (at the beginning of lab reconstruction in 2009), successfully used in a Laserlab campaign 2008, TR18 experiments 2008 and 2009, internal projects 2-01, 2-02 and 3-04 in 2009 and restarted in December 2010.