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2.2 Strong-field Few-body Physics
Project coordinator(s): H. Rottke, F. Morales
"High harmonic generation spectroscopy"


Present key activities

Theory of high harmonic generation spectroscopy
V. Serbinenko, M. Richter, F. Morales Moreno, A. Harvey, M. Ivanov, S. Patchkovskii, O Smirnova

By 2006 researchers have realized that high harmonic emission contains better than 100 asec time resolution and used it to time resolve nuclear motion in molecules. The dream was to resolve much faster motion of electrons. In our papers [1, 2, 3] we have shown how high harmonic emission can be used to time-resolve largely unknown attosecond dynamics of multielectron rearrangement upon ionization. Development and realization of the full potential of this new technique is the goal of this direction in the project.