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2.2 Strong-field Few-body Physics
Project coordinator(s): H. Rottke, F. Morales
"Dynamics of strong field ionization of ordered structures"

Topic Goals

Within this topical field we are investigating the dynamics of strong field interaction with ordered, loosely bound atomic or molecular structures where the constituents still show their individual characteristics. They are usually found in the form of small van der Vaals clusters, however, also molecules assume the characteristics of these systems during dissociation at large internuclear separation. Characteristic of these systems are closely spaced electronic states at a large internuclear separation where the electrons start to localize at the individual constituents. They are moreover ideal candidates to get insight into intramolecular electron scattering during strong field ionization.

Present key activities

Strong field ionization of noble gas dimers
A. von Veltheim, M. Baggash, H. Rottke

Strong field ionization of noble gas dimers induces a transition from a van der Vaals bonded system to a "chemical" bond in the singly charged ion which is for example similar to the H2+ molecular ion bond at large internuclear separation. The strong field excitation characteristics is close to that of the atomic constituents of the dimer. Even laser pulses with a moderate pulse width allow a separation of strong field electronic excitation dynamics from nuclear motion that is frozen while the light pulse is applied. This usually allows one to disentangle electronic and nuclear dynamics.