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  photo: X-ray hologram and domain pattern of a Co-Pt multilayer Partner Institutions



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Structural Dynamics

  1. Structural dynamics in solids studied by femtosecond X-ray Bragg and powder diffraction
    PhD student: Tobias Tyborski, Supervisor: Th. Elsaesser / MBI, Mentor: A. Knorr / TUB
  2. Ultrafast X-ray diffraction experiment on oxides
    PhD student: André Bojahr, Supervisor: M. Bargheer / Univ. Potsdam, Mentor: M. Wolf / FHI of the MPG
  3. Ultrafast Laser Source for Electron Diffraction at Surfaces
    PhD student: Michele Puppin, Supervisor: R. Ernstorfer/ FHI, Mentor: M. Weinelt / FU Berlin
  4. Surface-sensitive time-resolved electron diffraction
    PhD student: Melanie Müller, Supervisor: R. Ernstorfer/ FHI, Mentor: M. Weinelt / FU Berlin
  5. Phase transitions studied by time-resolved transmission electron diffraction
    PhD student: Lutz Waldecker, Supervisor: R. Ernstorfer/ FHI, Mentor: L. Wöste / FU Berlin

Phase Transformations

  1. Femtosecond magnetization dynamics studied via snapshot imaging at FLASH
    PhD student: Michael Schneider, Supervisor: S. Eisebitt / TUB, Mentor: M. Weinelt / FU Berlin
  2. Femtomagnetism in 3d- and rare-earth ferromagnets
    PhD student: Björn Frietsch, Supervisor: M. Weinelt / FU Berlin, Mentor: S. Eisebitt / TUB
  3. Theory of ultrafast dynamics and phase transitions in hybrid nanostructures
    PhD student: Sverre Theuerholz, Supervisor: Andreas Knorr / TUB, Mentor: M. Weinelt / FU Berlin
  4. Ultrafast Dynamics of Metal-Insulator Transitions
    PhD student: Daniel Wegkamp, Supervisor: J. Stähler and M. Wolf / FHI, Mentor: M. Weinelt / FU Berlin


  1. Time-Resolved Photoemission from Nanoscopic Systems
    PhD student: Christopher Raschpichler Supervisor: E. Rühl and J. Plenge / FUB, Mentor: M. Vrakking / MBI
  2. Attosecond Plasmonics
    PhD student: Sascha Birkner, Supervisor: M. Vrakking / MBI, Mentor: E. Rühl, FUB
  3. Ultrafast dynamics and single shot imaging of clusters with X-rays from FELs
    PhD student: Maria Müller, Supervisor: T. Möller, TUB, Mentor: M.J.J. Vrakking / MBI

Molecular Systems

  1. Theory of HHG spectroscopy of attosecond multielectron dynamics in molecules
    PhD student: Lisa Torlina, Supervisor: O. Smirnova / MBI, Mentor: P. Saalfrank / Univ. Potsdam
  2. Soft x-ray emission spectroscopic characterization of ultrafast dynamics in electronically excited molecular systems
    PhD student: Simon Schreck, Supervisor: A. Föhlisch / HZB and Univ. Potsdam, Mentor: P. Saalfrank / Univ. Potsdam
  3. Ab initio theory of electron and molecular dynamics
    PhD student: Tanja Dimitrov, Johannes Flick, Supervisors: A. Rubio / FHI of the MPG and Univ. Donostia, Spain and H. Appel /FHI, Mentor: Th. Elsaesser / MBI
  4. Real-time electron and nuclear dynamics after photoexcitation
    PhD student: Shiladitya Banerjee Gernot Füchsel Supervisor: P. Saalfrank, T. Klamroth / Univ. Potsdam, Mentor: Prof. Dr. Angel Rubio, FHI
  5. Solution chemistry in real time: Following the evolution of the electrons that form bonds as the bonds break
    PhD student: Kristjan Kunnus, Supervisor: Ph. Wernet/ HZB, Mentor: W. Sandner / MBI
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